About the author

exhipigeonist, your friendly netbourhood blogger, is a postgraduate student interested in the way technological development keeps us on our toes, desperately trying but never able to catch up to the new social implications they present.

Since spending 2010 writing on the use of identity in activist campaigns, exhipigeonist’s research has expanded to exploring identity in relation to privacy and freedom, and the tensions these concepts introduce within digital environments.

exhipigeonist likes to spend any free time learning about digital security, listening to 8-bit music, thinking up brilliant puns and reading through the privacy policies of popular social networking sites.

About the blog

This blog was created as a space to write about various things, aiming to find a sustainable yet entertaining balance between personal thoughts and academic work.  In addition to the previously mentioned topics, you may encounter reflections on: GNU/LINUX and open-source software (loving Mint 11!); veganism, abolitionism and animal rights (vegan since 2003!); food cooperatives and alternative business structures (active volunteer at two cooperatives, and not just for the sweet discount!), and; life in Sydney’s inner-west (2042 represent!) – all while being inundated with perhaps an excessive amount of exclamation points!


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